Full-Time Firefighters / Paramedics

The City of Oregon currently employs 10 Full-Time Firefighter / Paramedics. 

These positions are filled as follows:

  • Six (6) Firefighter / Medics Working shifts (A/B/C)
    • Provide 24 hour Advanced Life Support (ALS) response on Life Squad 8.
  • Four (4) Firefighter / Medics working a standard 40 hour week (D Shift) from the administrative office 
    • Performing various maintenance and service duties as needed.
    • Individuals "fill in" on Life Squad 8 when the "shift" medics are absent (Sick days, Kelly Days, Vacations, Training).

The Full-Time Firefighter / Medics currently employed are:

  • Jim Maher
  • Jim Rose
  • Jeff Nissen
  • Tom Fuller
  • Mark Keller
  • Doug Cousino
  • Jack McKenzie
  • Greg Pollauf, Jr.
  • Phil Jimenez
  • Larry Voit, Jr.

It is these Full Time individuals that are united as IAFF Union Local 4093.

A Shift

B Shift

C Shift

D Shift

Tom Fuller

Mark Keller

Jim Rose

Jim Maher

Jeff Nissen

Greg Pollauf

Jack McKenzie

Doug Cousino




Phil Jimenez




Larry Voit




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